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Better homeless than in a lunatic asylum
A few weeks ago Paul Krugman suggested market monetarists were homeless.  By that he means we don’t have much support among GOP Congressman.  He doesn’t say why we’d want to have their support, after all, they don’t make mo X

Study: Blacks lose homes more today than in '90s
A new study finds growing racial inequality in the ability to remain a homeowner among African-Americans, due in part to deregulation legislation in the 1980s that have led to the subprime mortgage market. X

The Beefy Environmental Cost of Eating Steak
A top cut of sirloin at your local grocery store will cost you about $7. But behind the price tag is a hidden cost: its beefy environmental impact. To carnivores, there's nothing quite as satisfying as a thick, juicy steak. But how many of us think a X

Exotic state of matter propels quantum computing theory
Cornell physicists have answered a long-standing problem in quantum computing by making a fractional topological superconductor, an exotic state of matter in which emergent quasi-particles perform quantum computations without error. X

Thousands Of Migrating Birds Take Their Layover In A Texas Parking Lot
For one month every summer, hundreds of thousands of purple martins stop by an abandoned shopping mall parking lot in Austin, Texas, on their way to the Amazon Basin. Reporter Luke Quinton visited this year's roosting and offers a glimpse of the phen X

The Feeling of Being Unsettled Won’t Just Go Away
From my inbox: “I have a sneaking suspicion this feeling of being unsettled won’t go away until I control my freedom.” A common theme in the emails I receive is one of readers feeling unsettled. People are frustrated with one or mor X

How Stress Creates Landforms Like the Delicate Arch
Many of us can think back on beachside memories of playing architect and trying to build the perfect sand castle only to watch that sand fall to the shore, knocked down by wind and water. But civilians and scientists alike have looked at natural land X

Don't Pop That Bubble Wrap! Scientists Turn Trash Into Test Tubes
Researchers have stumbled on an ingenious idea: Use bubble wrap as a cheap test tube and petri dish. They've even run tests on blood that's sitting inside the poppable packaging. So how does it work? X

Readers Respond: When Did You Get Hooked on Science?
Scientific inquiry has yielded novel cures for diseases, revealed distant planets and unearthed ancient civilizations. And behind these grand achievements are individual people with a burning question — one that, at some point, set their mind spinn X

Pop Quiz: 20 Percent Chance Of Rain. Do You Need An Umbrella?
What does a 20 percent chance of rain or snow actually mean? Interpreting probabilities in forecasts can be hard even for mathematicians and meteorologists — never mind the average person. X

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