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Should We Return The Nutrients In Our Pee Back To The Farm?
A group of environmentalists in Vermont aren't at all squeamish about "pee-cycling." A local hay farmer is using their pee as fertilizer as they run tests to find out how safe it is for growing food. X

Even as Spectacular Storms Bring Relief to U.S. Southwest, Drought Conditions Persist — and Worsen in California
After a profound lack of precipitation, parts of the Southwestern United States have finally begun to get some desperately needed relief. New Mexico, where the spectacular photo above was taken yesterday, has been suffering through four years of drou X

Do Goals Prevent Success?
An Effectual Understanding of Impact I’ve long been interested in the idea of the impact instinct: the ability for a trained professional to continuously generate big wins at a rate much higher than his or her equally well-trained peers (see he X

6 Discoveries From Near and Far, Volume IV
I. Around the World Things I found on long walks in foreign cities, or perhaps when someone posted them on Twitter. Before You Know It Something’s Over — A beautiful essay on loss and identity Finding Your Father’s Ghost in an Old Video Gam X

For stable flight, fruit flies sense every wing beat
In order to stabilize their flight, fruit flies sense the orientation of their bodies every time they beat their wings – one beat about every 4 milliseconds. X

Gettysburg Address gave 'new birth' to democracy
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is one of the most important speeches in history, said Professor Allen Guelzo, of Gettysburg College, in Bailey Hall July 30. And for very good reasons, he said. X

'Hawkaholics' watch nest life 24/7
Many bird lovers watch the live feeds from webcams on campus that film the nest life of ospreys and red-tailed hawks, and many become active volunteers and members of the growing community of cam viewers. X

A Helping Hand for Teachers
Providing Keys for Teachers and Teaching Assistants Everything Dinosaur supplies a number of dinosaur and prehistoric themed items to schools, universities and colleges and with the changing curriculum in the UK, our sets of model dinosaur skulls and X

Kentucky Buoys Noah's Ark Park With Millions In New Tax Breaks
The Christian theme park, featuring a 510-foot-long replica of the ark, is getting $18 million in new incentives from the state's tourism board. X

A Black Hole Close-Up, and a Telescope as Big as the World
The Event Horizon Telescope will give astronomers an extreme close-up when our galaxy's black hole lights up. X

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